Making and Using a Reiki Healing Crystal Grid

    A crystal grid is an energy matrix which you set up to provide continuous Reiki healing for a specific person or project for a set period of time.  The initial grid can last up to 48 hours (2 days) but you can re-charge a grid and have it last a bit longer.

    Crystals I use in a grid are usually quartz, as they can be charged for any stipulated healing.  But be advised you can use any crystal points if you want to be very specific about your healing.  Amethyst can be used for spiritual healing.  Rose quartz points can be used for healing of a person who is emotionally strained.  Another out of the box idea for your crystal grid is using smoky quartz crystals or black crystals for protecting someone.

    You can also get just about any stone made into a point these days.  So, if you are familiar with crystals and stones and their healing properties, you can use those points in your crystal grid.  Do not limit yourself.  Rather, expand your knowledge of stones and crystals and their healing properties.

    The crystals are laid out in the shape of either the Seal of Solomon (Star of David) or a Pentacle.  I have also seen this done with a cross by Christian folks.  The symbol here should be something you can relate to.  I commonly use a pentacle, or for someone who is very specific about their beliefs, I will use a Seal of Solomon as a generic pattern.  I really have not used the cross pattern, but as the Celtic Cross is used in such pagan practices as Tarot Readings and with healing having to do with Brigid, I could see this kind of adaptation within the pagan community.  Do not be afraid of symbolism, rather use it to its best advantage.  Please note the first time I saw a crystal grid it was done with the Seal of Solomon.  It was being used as an invocation.  There is much in the way of High Magic that uses this specific symbol, so it can be a very powerful tool.

    Choose however many crystal points needed, 6 for the Seal of Solomon, 5 for the Pentacle etc.   The cross pattern I saw had 4 larger stones at the cross points, with some smaller stones between the arms of the cross, acting as “rays” emitting from the cross itself.  Be creative!  Design a grid that will cover the person or project in a manner that best speaks to you.

    Before you start the crystal grid, you will need to charge the stones.  You do this by holding the stones in your non-dominate hand and cover with your dominate hand.  Place specific intent into the stones.  Allow the intent to fill the stones.  This can be a kind of mantra that you speak over and over, such as “I am placing Reiki healing into these stones.”  I usually start my charging by making a Cho-ku-Rei over the stones, then cover the stones and speak my intent.  I do this three times, then check the stones.  If they still “feel” they need more I will repeat the process.  I have done this three times in some cases.  It will also be dependent on the stones themselves.  My well worn stones seem to take and hold a charge better than my newer acquisitions.

    I also have a single stone that is a little larger than my “point stones” that I use as a “charger stone.”  This stone will connect all the stones used into the grid pattern that will work for the next few days.  I usually use a stone that matches the stones I am using, but this stone is always fully charged with Reiki.  I will charge it with all the Reiki symbols and work on it for a couple of days to charge it fully with Reiki.  It will also be specifically tuned to all the types of healing I will be using – body, mind and spirit.  Between uses, I will clear the stones on a bed of salt.  If the stones are sensitive to salt, I will set a piece of silk on the salt bed and place the stones on the silk.  I do not “wash” my stones; there are stones that are water soluble and I make it a practice not to place any of my working stones in water.  I have been known, however, to anoint my stones with herbal essential oils to increase their strength.  For example, placing lavender oil on the stones will increase their calming effect.  And if you are familiar with herbal healing correspondences, this will open a whole new level of healing with crystals for you.  Consider the impact of being able to send the healing properties of herbs and stones along with your Reiki energy.  Or including herbal essential oils in your distance healing just by adding a stone anointed with some herbal essential oil.   When I am finished with that particular healing, I will wipe the stones with a soft cloth to remove the oils.  Something to consider next time you do a crystal healing.

    I will also charge my stones with sun or moon light.  I usually determine this by the correspondence of the stone.  Take, for example, Smoky Quartz. I have used this stone for protection grids, but the elemental correspondences make this an ideal stone for much more.  It corresponds with the Capricorn Zodiac symbol, one that is associated with business.  Capricorn is also an earth symbol.  There are some business applications, such as a brick and mortar store, that could benefit from the use of this stone in a grid work.  And I would charge these stones with moonlight, giving them a very earthy balance.

    Remember, a healing grid can heal so much more than just a person’s health.  How about healing an ailing business?  Or a family relationship that needs help?  Or a person who needs protection?  Think outside the box when you are looking at a crystal grid and healing.  It has a lot of potential!

    Finally, I like having a picture of the person I am working with.  This will go in the middle of the grid and the points of the stones will be pointing towards the person.  As we discussed, this can also be a picture of the business, a business logo, or a family picture.    And now I am going to take this one step further.  You may already be familiar with sigils.  If you have read my book 21 Spells for Protection, you will be familiar with the process of making sigils.  Sigils can take the place of pictures in a crystal grids, and can speak of intent very specifically and powerfully.  Something else to consider when working with a crystal grid!

    Set a workspace for your grid.  This can be on a table, or a desk, or a dresser top; someplace where it will not be disturbed for the next 48 hours. You can place this on your altar as well.  For a healing grid, an image of Brigid on your altar would be appropriate.  Or an image of Athena for protection.  Use your working knowledge of Deity to invoke the Deity you need for your working.  If no Deity is wanted, dress your work space with elements that will be used in the working, or just leave a candle that will indicate the working is in progress.

    Once you have set a place for your grid to reside for the next 48 hours, start with an affirmation of the stones. “These crystals hold the power of [your intent].”  This brings your intent into full focus.  You should always start with your intent clearly stated.  Speak the affirmation several times till you feel the crystals come to full power.  Place your picture or sigil in the middle of your work space.  The picture on the left shows a crystal grid I made using a sigil and quartz stones in the form of a pentacle.  You can use natural stones or cut stones, as shown in this picture.

    Which brings me to energy and Reiki.  Reiki is all about energy working.  If you are not familiar with this concept, you may want to pick up my book on Reiki for Energy Workers and explore this concept further.  I believe it will add to your Reiki skills.

    Place a stone at one of the points of the ‘star’, terminal point inwards.  Continue for each of the stones, till all stones are positioned in the symbol pattern you will be using.

    Take the charger crystal in your dominate hand.  Speak your intent into the charger crystal and then give an affirmation for this crystal  “This powerful charger crystal will hold this healing grid together and send the energy of my intent to all within this structure.”  Place the stone in the center.  Repeat the affirmation several times till you can feel the energy start to grow within the grid.

    Take the charger crystal in your hand again place the appropriate Reiki symbols into the crystal.  Hold the charging crystal with your dominate hand, and trace the angles between the point stones three times around each symbol.  An example would be to trace the pentacle points three times three from angle to angle.   Or with the Seal of Solomon, trace the pattern in two triangles that intersect.  I would trace a cross in that pattern then connect the inner rays in the form of a square.

    As you trace the angles of your chosen symbol, state you intent over and over till you finish your pattern:

    I create this grid for [fill in the name of the person or project you will be working this grid for.]
    I fill the grid with Energy,
    I fill this grid with Healing,
    I fill this grid with Love [you can add the name of your Deity if you wish to invoke them, I fill this grid with the love of ___.  [Or just leave it as filled with love]

    The grid is now complete.  Any people or projects indicated will receive 48 hours of continuous healing.  The grid must be recharged every 48 hours to renew the energies.  When you are finished, take the grid apart and place the stones on salt to start the clearing process.  Repeat when necessary and repeat often!

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