At this time, I have three spellbooks published. There are no plans for new spellbooks at this time.

This books is an uncomplicated textbook for the busy witch who wants to reference a spell that they bild on to create a spellworking to fit their need.

The book covers love spells, money spells, protection spells, house spells and more. Each is in an easy to read format, and includes how to work the spells. The basics are here, all you need do is fit it to your specific needs.

Sometimes you know what you want. This is a ready-made starting point. Much like a cake mix you embellish to meet your needs. The idea is to provide a convenient base to work spells that are just right for you, the busy witch.

I was requested by a publisher to create a new spellbook that would mimic the older and popular Finbarr books. Those books combined storytelling and spellwork with personal experience. The publisher wanted to use that style of book and bring it into modern practices.

I focused on Success with this book, and focused on Women's business needs. And the publisher was disappointed as I had left out fifty percent of his market. I suggested the Finbarr books left out the other fifty percent of his market.

It has since become one of my most popular books.

The book also does not focus specifically on pagan practices. After all, most witches can work their own spells. The rest needed something they could relate to. The spells are diverse and fit into any spiritual belief system.

The topics include how to get an interview, handle disagreeable managers, real estate spells, and how to gain advantages over competitors.

The book has been described as a "no fluff, no noncense book." I wanted it that way. It is better to have a book that get's right down to business rather than filling space with all sorts of material that does not apply to the work at hand.

This is the second book in the series. At this time, I have no plans to add another.

The focus is on protection spells. It is done in the same no nonsense style as the Success book. It lays out the spells within storys to show applications of the spellwork. Again, the spells are diverse and fit into a variety of spiritual belief systems.

Spells include warding and shielding, poppets, protection bottles, sigils, and protective oils. Included is a banishing ritual.

Includes are spells can be performed by anyone with a basic working knowledge of witchcraft. They are easy to understand and just as easy to produce.

All these books are linkeds separatly on the home page and are available on Amazon.com





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