The Mother in the Gallery introduces the main characters. Kaitlyn Sullivan, Gina Morrow, and Terri Jones are friends who have graduated college together and are now starting out on their jouney through life. They are also witches. This book gives you the New York City vibe they live in, along with the Magical Community they are part of.

New York City is a melting pot of people from all around the world, and that includes the lesser known Magical Community. While some may believe fairies and shapeshifters are childrens stories, in this world, they are real. There are the various members of the Fairy Courts, shapeshifters of all kinds, witches, and vampires. In order to survive, they keep mostly to themselves while still living in the communities of the humans.

Terri Jones has a mind for business and business magic. She owns a successful esoteric store called "Goddess on the Park" as it is located near Gramercy Park.

Gina Morrow is a photographer, doing advertising and other assorted professional photrapher jobs. And she is skilled in "Pop Magic," those quickly setup packets of spell energy that are very effective in a tight pinch.

Kaitlyn still hasn't chosen a career. She was originally going into IT and computers, but low wages and long hours is not what she had in mind. So she takes a position with a Temp Help Agency, trying out jobs to see what clicks with her skillset.

Kaitlyn is also a Tarot Reader, who has clients come to see her for readings. She has a gift of divination. Kaitlyn can also speak with spirits.  

The "Fools Journey" part of the book relates to a tarot cards chosen to represent these ladies journey. The start of the Major Arcana (Tarot Trump Cards) is all about the Fool, a beginner in the art of magic, and their mentors. This series covers these three ladies and their start on their journey of life.

In this book, Kaitlyn, who is the main character in this series, takes a job working for a Gallerist. She makes contacts, learns new skills, and helps to push the project along to success. She also has to deal with the owners deceased mother, who keeps yelling about some missing vases.

She also meets a young man who could be her boyfriend.

The rest of the characters also have stories to tell, and we are introduced to the sometimes frantic pace of The City. They are of diverse backgrounds, and the mix of the cultures and lifestyles is all New York City.

Give the series a try. I believe you will enjoy the story. If you like the book, please leave some stars on Amazon, or maybe a short review. Thanks.

PLEASE NOTE: These books contain strong language from time to time, as well as sexual scenarios. Not porn but clearly not for children or young adults if you feel strongly about sex and young adults.

In The Brother on the Runway, our three main characters are back at work, making a living. Kaitlyn takes a job with a fashion designer. The designer is involved in Fashion Week, and Kaitlyn is there to assist her in a small runway show in her showroom. Kaitlyn again is learning new skillsets, and dealing with the fashion industry provides the New York City background.

Then there is the issue with the Designers late brother, who worked in the business with her, and is concerned for his sister's health. It is all up to Kailtyn to keep the brother's spirit calm while pushing the event to success.

Terri's store becomes the latest victim in a crime wave, and she needs help to get her store back together. Terri finds all sorts of support from the Magical Community.

Kaitlyn and Terri are also dealing with boyfriends, and Gina has found a girlfriend she can relate to.

Kaitlyn also decides to renovate her Condo, bringing it more up to date. And Gina knows just the right person to handle it.

Again, there is the mix of Tarot, divination, and the mixed cultures and lifestyles giving the reader a taste of living in New York City.

The Muse in the Mirror offers a different kind of magical issue. How does a Genius Loci (land spirit) end up in an antique mirror in New York City?

As a house warming gift from one of Kaitlyn's clients, she is given a mirror that comes with it's own occupant. As Kaitlyn does some research, the Muse tells her story about the distruption of the land she protected and her love of a human.

Kaitlyn is also dealing with the renovation of her apartment, and has taken refuge at Gina's loft.

Kaitlyn's boyfriend also has a few surprises in store for her.

Then a phone call from the Temp Agency gives her an opportunity to do some with with a group of art students from a local school. They would like to put on a gallery show, but have no idea how to make it happen.

Kaitlyn puts her experience to the test, creating an event that she hopes will be as successful as the teacher and the students would like it to be.

Gina and Terri also have their stories to tell, involving photography sessions and Terri's on again, off again relationship.

Again, the jobs and situations are influenced by the ladies magic, and the pace of New York City.

In The Aunt's Legacy, Kaitlyn's Aunt passes away, leaving her estate to Kaitlyn. And what an estate it is. Aunt Penny was a successful software coder who did well for herself. Kaitlyn finds herself the executrix of an estate with property, money, and some surprises.

After the fiasco with her boyfriend, Kaitlyn puts herself into her work. The Temp Agency provides her with a job putting on an event for a speciality printing company. All sorts of surprises wait for her there.

Terri's store is doing very well, and Terri has to make a decision. Does she expand the store? It will involve all sorts of changes. What will she do?

Gina has been doing very well with her photography business, and the expansion of her loft to include a studio. Her parents have given her the loft. Can she make a go of it on her own?

This book also ties up a few problems the girls have had hanging around, while new ones emerge. And has Kaitlyn finally decided on what kind of a career she wants? She is still thinking it over. It's a big step.

The fast pace of New York City requires quick decisions. New Yorkers learn to live with that.

There will be two more books in this series, one of which is due out shortly. I am also working on another series, which ties into this series.





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