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Yes. There's a Spell for That book cover  This book is an uncomplicated textbook for the busy witch that wants to reference a spell that they are going to build on to create a magickal working to fit their need. Sometimes you know what you want, but you would like a ready-made starting point. Much like a basic cake mix that you are going to embellish to make it unique to your taste or occasion. The idea is to provide a convenient base to save time and work. . This book provides you with workable spells that are just right for the busy witch! 

      Fiction Series


      Kaitlyn's Aunt passes away. Kaitlyn has to deal with the shock of an unexpected loss, her aunt's estate, and a possible contesting of the will. Her Aunt left many surprises for Kaitlyn, including her ghost.

      She also takes a job working for two brothers in the printing business, putting on an exhibit at a Book Convention. Her job? Creating the new exhibit that will highlight the brothers' work and attract attention to their booth.

      Gina is looking at a new space to live and work in. But with rents sky high, affording even a small space for her studio is an impossibility. As luck would have it, a different kind of living arrangement becomes available, much to her surprise. And she could pick up a new client that could bring her a regular salary, if she can deal with a disagreeable client.

      Terry's boyfriend is on another assignment, so Terry throws herself into her work. Family life takes a turn when her father becomes ill and she has to deal with her panic stricken mother. The three friends band together to help each other out. The magic is in their ability to successfully work out their problems together. 


      How does a Genius Loci from the Adirondacks end up being a housewarming gift in New York City? Kaitlyn's life becomes complicated when one of her clients gives her a house warming gift, with a bonus. Kaitlyn finds the mirror has a resident and so begins a process of figuring out if the resident is friend or foe, and what does she want?

      In the meantime, Kaitlyn is offered a job by her temp agency. She is challenged with putting on a Gallery Show in three weeks for a group of art students? The project takes on a life of its own after some advice from her new tenant.

      Such is life in the Magical Community of New York City, where anything can happen and usually does. The idea is to keep the magic low key while still being part of the mundane community. 



      Kaitlyn's life is in chaos. Her apartment is being ripped apart and renovated. She is staying with Gina in a loft building that never sleeps. Gina's parents are coming home at the end of the month, and Gina is desperately looking for a studio of her own. The Temp Agency called and asked if Kaitlyn could help a fashion model turned designer plan a Fashion Show. And disaster strikes Terri's store. Oh, by the way, there is a ghost in the Fashion Designers offices.

      Kaitlyn would like nothing better than to settle back in her apartment and close the door. Spend some time with her boyfriend. Maybe even take their relationship to the next level? Well, yea, untill he throws another bit of chaos into her life.

      Living in New York City is never boring. You have to be strong enough to stand up to the pressures of home and job. Relationships can be stressed. And people can be nasty. All three women know how tough it is to live and work in New York, and each of them will be tested as they find their limits, and stretch themselves even further.

      Kaitlyn Sullivan, Gina Morrow and Terri Jones are three young ladies starting their professional careers in New York City. They are also witches. Kaitlyn reads tarot for clients, can speak with the dead and works temp jobs. Gina is a budding photographer learning her magical skills and Terri is a wiz in matters of money and business. Together these three ladies are on their way to success in New York City.

      They live in a world within a world. They are part of the magical underground of witches, wizards, shapeshifters, vampires and the enchanted folks. They all live in full view of the largest collection of diverse people in the world, New York City.

      This is the Fools Journey, where the young and inexperienced learn life's lessons as they work their way through life. The City is not always kind, even when you have magical skills. But it can be interesting if you take the streets less traveled.


      21 Spells Series

      21 Spells for Assured Success

          In the tradition of the original "spell book" texts, Boudica presents us with 21 spells that combines story, spellwork and personal experience.

          Focusing on spells for success, Boudica focuses on business women, working women for whom she has done successful spellworkings. Spells included are how to get an interview, how to handle disagreeable managers, house selling spells and how to gain advantages over competitors.

          Boudica has worked not just with pagans but also with others of various faiths, so the workings are diverse and will fit nicely into any spiritual belief system. How successful can you be? How successful do you want to be?

          Boudica shows you that if you put your mind to the task and do your part, Deity can give you that extra push to a successful job, promotion or contract.

           21 Spells for Protection

          Continuing in the tradition of the original "spell book" texts, Boudica presents us with the second book in her 21 Spells Series, combining story, spellwork and personal experience. Concentrating on spells for protection this time, Boudica focuses on individuals who find themselves in need of various kinds of security.

          Boudica combines the practical mundane work with that special magical push to make the situations a little bit safer, a bit more comfortable or extraordinarily secure. Among the spells included are how to protect your pets, how to create personal magical sigils, home and office protection, blending protection oils, basic cleansing spells and how to deal with psychic vampires. 

          Boudica works not just with pagans but also with others of various spiritualties, so the workings are diverse and will fit nicely into any spiritual belief system. These are spells most people can do easily. 

          We do the mundane to protect our homes, our family and friends and our jobs, but this is not always enough. Adding a little magic and some intervention from our gods can be just the extra you need to feel safe and secure in many situations.

    Reiki for Energy Workers Series

    Reiki for Energy Workers: Manual for the Level 1 Attunement        

    Reiki has been addressed as everything from the great healer for all things to having the ability to start cars and cure cancer. It has been labeled as everything from the work of the devil to God’s own special touch gifted only to those who have extraordinary spiritual accomplishments and lots of cash. However, it is much simpler than this and does not need all that embellishment to prove it works.

    In this book, Boudica shares her Reiki experiences and the lessons she provides to her students. As a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2000, Boudica has been providing attunements to her students as well as supporting her students with her own teaching guide. She also practices Reiki for clients.

    Boudica touches on such topics as ethics, practice, terms, symbols, attunements, history and the Reiki Principals, all in the context of those who already work with energy but are looking at an alternative source and healing practice. There is much packed into this book that will provide the starting Reiki practitioner with basics, choices and critical information that will help them decide if the Reiki practice is right for them and how it can be used in everyday life.

    Reiki for Energy Workers: Manual for the Level 2 Attunement

    Reiki for Energy Workers: Manual for the Level 2 Attunement discusses the symbols given at the second level of Reiki and walks you through how to use these symbols to heal in your life and others. The author shares her personal practice of using these symbols in Reiki work as a pagan experienced with energy work. She also shares some of her tips for using these symbols effectively.

    The book covers practice sessions, meditation, using a crystal grid, using and charging stones for work with Reiki and an additional symbol to help your practice. The work is illustrated with examples of the symbols and other tools you can use.

    TWPT Talks To... 10 Authors of the Pagan Community

    The Wiccan/Pagan Times has been on line since March 1999. Over the years, we have interviewed many of the most notable Authors in the Pagan Community. 

    Authors mean a lot to the pagan community. We have been referenced as the people of the books, and many will start their path with a book. How the author feels about the pagan community is important, as we like to think that the information in the books are practiced as well as printed. 

    We have had many memorable interviews we have published over the years. We have taken ten of these interviews and put them together with author bios, pictures and web links so you can explore the authors further.

    Interviewed are Anna Franklin, Dorothy Morrison, Edain McCoy, John Michael Greer, Kristin Madden, M. R. Sellars, Margot Adler, Patricia Telesco, Raymond Buckland and Yasmine Galenorn.

    Preserved here is a place in time within the pagan community when we were still new, but growing. We feel these interviews convey the flavor and the heart of the pagan community.



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