Due out tomorrow – my newest book on Reiki and energy Work

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Reiki for Energy Workers Manual for the Level 2 Attunement

Due out on 9/8 is my newest book on Reiki covering the second level attunement.  Included are my own hand drawn symbols as I learned them, along with how to use them on yourself and on others.  There is an additional symbol I think will add to your energy workign tools, as well as an energy meditation, instructions on making and using a crystal grid, charging stones to use for Reiki and more.  As soon as I have a link to the Amazon page I will post it here.  My book is now available here!

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Hyphenated Practitioners

This article has caused some folks to get a bit “upset” over the years. And with good cause. There are folks out there who think they can straddle the line between paganism and any other religion and justify it as “walking their own path”. Sorry, but some things don’t mix, like water and oil. In the end, you are water or you are oil. Never both.

The practice of hyphenating your belief system suggests that you have not yet decided who you are.  Or that you have not let go of what you once were, and you cling to those things that make you feel safe and secure.  Paganism is supposed to make you feel safe and secure.   So, maybe paganism is not what you thought it was going to be, or you have yet to embrace it fully.  Maybe a self examination is necessary...

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New Article Added – Celebrity Pagans

Celebrity Pagans - This is an article that appeared in the 2011 Witches’ Companion.  I wanted to point out a phenomenon that has been a part of the the pagan community for many years and ask people to think about what they do and how they hold certain people in respect to their spirituality.  Again, it is a think piece, and I hope you give this some time to consider.

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The Love Spell

love spell logoA little short story for your Samhain reading pleasure – The Love Spell.   I wrote this a few years back, and gave it out as a freebee on Samhain.  I offer it once again for free.  Enjoy!

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New article on Responsibility and the Pagan Path

I wrote this article back a number of years ago for Witches Companion, and I feel it is still a question that we need to ask in our communities.  It is an article to be read and then open the floor for discussion. It is not a suggestion, rather it is a presentation of concepts, needs and identities that we should be looking at as we grow our local communities, or not.

Give a read to Responsibility and the Pagan Path and see if you nod your head, and contemplate the ideas come to mind.  It is a thinking piece.  We, as pagans, like to think.

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New Article: Making and Using a Reiki Healing Crystal Grid

proposed 3I have posted a new article on Reiki Healing Crystal Grids:  how to make them and use them to send continuous Reiki Energy to a person or a project.   I include some out of the box ideas for using a crystal grid as well as the tested and true way of using a crystal grid for sending Reiki energy.  Enjoy!

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I will be at South Jersey Pagan Pride Day on October 5th


I will be at the South Jersey Pagan Pride Day on October 5th.

I will be doing a workshop on Pagan Books as well as vending as Boudica’s Book.  I will be bringing my Pagan “Dollar Books” as a special treat.

This is their 10th Annual event and this year they will be taking donations of non-perishable food for dontation to the Foodbank of South Jersey as well as spiritual items or toiletry donations for their Pagan Troop Donation Drive.

Among the guests will be Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary, and a plethora of performing guests.  This is an event not to be missed.  It is being held at Cooper River Park, in Pennsauken, NJ, which is easily accessible from Philadelphia and most of New Jersey.  It is FREE to attend, workshops are FREE and there will be lots to do for kids and adults...

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Dressing a Candle

candle 101I do a lot of candle magic.  I rather like the feel of it and the exchange of energy, for me, is strong.

Dressing the candle, or using oils on the candle, is not really necessary.  I have spells that do not dress the candle with anything, while other spell workings call for it.  The questions becomes… what purpose do the oils serve? Well, the candle is the vehicle in these instances to use the oil.  Your purpose is to heat the oil and release the properties of the oil.  Rather like burning herbs in a spell working.  Or incense.

I am not big on smoke in enclosed spaces, because of my own health issues.  Oils do release some smoke, but not anywhere near as much as incense or burning piles of herbs...

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New Article – Community Welcoming and Naming Rituals

stars 102This Welcoming and Naming Ritual was originally published in Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac in 2007.  I have used this ritual many times and it is very popular.  The secret is it involves the entire community in the process, and does not need a High Priestess to run it, anyone who is acknowledged as a community leader, or head of the household can do this ritual.  This is also not a “Wiccaning” so it is not religion specific.  The ceremony is in two parts; the naming and the welcoming.  You can make the ritual as complex, or as simple as you would like – and you can include as many or as few people as you have on hand.

So, read through the article and feel free to use it within your own community.


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Chosing a Tarot Deck that is Right for You

DEUSGRiderWaiteTarotDeckDivination is a talent.  Some of us may be born with it while others have to develop it.  Tarot Cards are tools we use for the purpose of divination.  How well we develop this talent will depend on the tools we choose.  We practice with our tools, we learn to expand on the basics and some of us become very good at what we do with out tools.  Others find that the tool does not work for them, and the look for other tools.

Reading tarot cards is not for everyone.  I know people who hate the cards, but they are very good at Runes or dream readings.  The choice is dependent on your talent and what you are drawn to.  I also believe the experience makes a big difference in what we choose as our tools...

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