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    Recently, a certain wiccan type witch and well known author, referenced as BNW from here on out, posted his opinion about a witch type group that was soliciting members to perform hexes on a well-publicized rapist who got a lesser punishment because he was a sports figure in his college, a white boy, and son of a well to do family.

    The ridiculously light punishment handed down by the so called judge enraged a lot of people who feel the well to do white boys in this country still turn a blind eye towards rape and do not treat it as the serious crime it really is. Some of them even take it as a privilege of their self-perceived status. Then you have all the others that just can't control their urges and think they have the right to just take what they need. Either way, you got a hell of a lot of boys (and some girls) in this country that need to learn to keep their zippers shut, or pay the price for sexual assault and abuse. But it seems some get punished appropriately for their crimes, while others don't. Legal equality does not exist in this country; we know this.

    Well, getting off on a tangent. Back to the BNW and the Hex Group. So, here is the BNW saying that hexing is not something witches do. Well. Yes, actually it is something we do. It is something we have done for a very long time. Where have you been?

    He then blasted them for doing this. Isn't that special. Who left him in charge of what others do? If a witch decides to hex someone, and they do it fully aware of the responsibility they take on when they do it, then what business is it of anyone? That is between themselves and their gods. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but do not mistake a sarcastic title that has been given for a title of endearment. He is not anyone's uncle. He just thinks he is. Express an opinion; do not presume to tell us what we should, or should not be doing.

    We are not xians. When is anyone going to understand that? We are not all goodness and white light. That was a TV show. In real life, we are just like everyone else. And we have a different approach to life than the old xian model. There is social injustice in this country. Getting mad enough to take action is what some people do. And we do it our way.

    There has been a movement in the pagan community over the years to make the practices of all the groups under the pagan umbrella acceptable to the xian majority. In an attempt to do what? Make it easier for them to swallow that they are not the only religion in the world? LOL - they are never going to accept that, so get over that thought now. We will have conflict with the extremist xians for a long, long time. We have, however, managed to work the laws so we are allowed to do what we do in peace, and most folks accept that we are not the same spiritually as they are. They deal with it. And while there are those who constantly tell us we don't have these rights, or that it is harder in certain parts of this country to apply those right, fact is folks, we have them. And we have legal tools we can use to prove it.

    We have made a lot of progress over the last 60 + years , in finding acceptance for many non-traditional life styles. Much of it has come via legal channels. And there are more people who accept us than we realize. The general mentality of the public is not what it once was. It is, again, the fundamentalist minority that is bitching and moaning. But try as they may, they have not even been able to tell us where we can or cannot pee, so what is the issue here? We are still afraid of the fundies? Get over it folks. We are who we are. We really don't care what fundies think. And they have absolutely NO power over us. We do what we do and life goes on. We do magic. We are magic. We work with the old gods. We tend to have lifestyles that are not mainstream. I think they got that. Let's move on.

    So, back to hexing. I say it again. We are not xians. We do not turn the other cheek. We do not allow others to beat us down or step on our rights. And we certainly do not allow our legal system to cut corners for offenders of our established laws. While we live in the magical community, we are all part of the social community we reside in. And when someone tries to bend the laws so they do not apply to everyone equally, we have a right to protest. We have the obligation to point out the inequity of the legal system and do something about it. That's when we send in the lawyers. But, alas, we are not all lawyers. We do not all have lawyers. So we use the tools of our trade to make a point. And we can hex. This is who we are. Deal with it.

    So, what was the point the BNW was trying to make? That we don't do what we practice because it is not acceptable? LOL! When has that ever stopped us?

    Social injustice is not acceptable. It is, however, perfectly acceptable to protect that which we hold most dear! And it is each witch's right to dig into that box of tools we have and use them, as long as we understand what we are doing. We all have our understanding of what is expected of us. After all, we are not children. We know who we are and we accept that we could be held accountable for what we do.

    And if we don't? Well, we are going to have a wonderful time explaining that to our gods. <insert sarcasm here.> But we do not have to explain to a BNW. Nor does he have the right to chide us for what we do. Keep that for your own group. We are not all part of it.

    So, what about the group with the hexing? I am of the opinion that magic in any form is best done in the privacy of your own practice. What I do is my business and I don't advertise it. But, hey, that's just me. I believe in stealth mode. They never see it coming.

    But some people feel they need the attention. Hey! Look at me! Look at what I can do! We have seen that way too often from many of the self-appointed BNPs in our community. It's getting old and tired. Time to retire that practice.

    There is something to be said, however, about advertising your skill set. Writers have been doing it for a very long time. Word of mouth is a powerful selling tool. So too with magic. In some instances, the threat of being hexed is almost as powerful as the hex itself can be. In some instances, it can be more powerful, as it serves as a deterrent to those who think they can get away with something. Especially if the threat is delivered as promised. In which case it is no longer a threat, it is a reality. The reaction of the social networks about the crime, the judge and the criminal in this case has completely ruined this boy's life, as well as the judge's credibility. That boy will never be able to live down what he did. The judge also has mud on his face. Their crimes have been spread far and wide. Their faces are well known and they will be treated with contempt for the rest of their lives. Remember, the Internet Never Forgets!

    So what was this whole brew ha ha all about? Well, a BNW got some publicity. I wonder if he has a new book coming out. Hmmm. A Facebook group got some publicity for hexing. Lots of people have been posting rants. Some "Weekly" animal Facebook page that seems to post daily also chimed in (dreams of grandeur), as has the well-known pagan blogger site. And as a not so well known author, I figured I could add my two cents as a witch who does pretty much what I feel like. Most people know I speak my mind when the mood hits me. I dislike social injustice, especially when it comes to women's rights and rape. And as a witch, no one tells me what to do. I use all the tools in my tool box.

    Please, go ahead and do what you do best. And don't let anyone tell you not to. We are not like the others; never have been. On another note, standing up for justice and the law in the best way you can is NOT bullying. Do not let them intimidate you with that word. They use it because it is a trigger word for some people and forces a reaction. They just don't like being told to mind their own business so they pick trigger words to make us stop fighting. We have lived with far worse than trigger words. We use the tools we know how to use the best. We stand for justice. We will fight for justice. Deal with it. Don't like it... move on. Maybe this is not the community for you.

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